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Our company, Paving in Sunninghill was founded over three 3 decades ago to provide the best solution to clients who wanted pavement installations or renovations. Throughout our existence we have encountered different paving problems and provided the most appropriate solutions for both domestic and commercial/industrial surfacing applications. This lead to our clients giving our team of experts a lot of positive recommendations for services well done. We have continued placing client satisfaction on top of our list since we only gauge the effectiveness of our service by their satisfaction.

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Unlike many paving companies in Sunninghill, we provide unique paving methods, each with its own special characteristics. Before choosing among the available methods which include brick, stone, block paving and tar paving, we examine the house design and color patterns. This is essential since a paving that complements the house design not only increases its aesthetic value but also raises its market price. We also check the areas to be paved and determine the best paver to be used in a given section. This is because areas that have more human activity require a stronger paving method compared to those that do not. Trust us for the best paving solution.

For professional pool paving services that include pool deck paving and poolside paving, contact our professional pavers Sunninghill contractors today. We also provide affordable paving options for your patio, driveways, sidewalks, courtyards and garden paths as well as professionally paving your swimming pool deck. We value your response, therefore contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your queries.

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We also cover the Lonehill and Fourways areas for all paving services