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What are the different Paving Patterns Available?

By Eddie Fouche

We often get asked what paving patterns are available for use in home landscaping projects. The answer is never straight forward as we are able to offer custom designs to suit any specifications or budget. That being said, we do tend to follow 5 main patterns which we find are the most popular among our customers. Check our infographic below and see for yourself. We hope that this may help when deciding which pattern will best suit your project.

Paving Patterns Infographic Johannesburg

The most popular types of Paving patterns are circular design, herringbone, basket weave, European fan and running bond. All these designs are fairly straight forward and provide a great addition to any landscaping project, driveway paving project, patio or poolside deck. They are also popular because of the variety or shapes, sizes, colours and textures that are available meaning a customised job is never too much of an issue. We do always recommend that you have a professional paving install for this type of paving as if done wrong, the results can look disastrous.

By Eddie Fouche

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