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We are a leading paving company in Germiston that works closely with clients to ensure that they get the best solution for their paving problems. We have been in the business for 3 decades now and the experienced we have gathered has enabled us conduct fruitful research on new and innovative ways of solving different paving crises. Our team is made up of licensed professionals who are well trained to handle every task with speed, thoroughness and accuracy hence giving you good value for money.

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Paving Germiston methods require precision and thoroughness during installation. They type of paver to be installed also depends on a number of factors including weather, location and use of the pavement. For those who require a strong and easy to install paver, block paving would be the best option. On the other hand brick paving is good for patios or around the house while tar paving provides real value for money when used on driveways and parking lots. Before installation, all these methods are also checked for compatibility with the design of the house, apartment or office. This ensures a good balance between your house and pavement hence it not only increases your house’s value but also compliments its aesthetic nature.

We pride ourselves in provision of reliable paving methods using durable paving stones and paving slabs. Our residential and commercial paving services include tar driveway paving, pool decks, sidewalks, patio paving, balconies and garden edging. Give our Pavers Germiston a call today and let us transform your view of paving.

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We deal with the wider areas of Germiston for all your paving requirements including the following suburbs:

Homestead * Klippoortje * Castleview * Denlee * Primrose Hill * Solheim * Sunnyridge * Fishers Hill *  Dinwiddie * Elsburg * Elspark * Parkhill Gardens * Primrose * Primrose Hill * Solheim * Sunnyridge * Fishers Hill * Lambton * Leondale and surrounds * Albemarle * Gerdview * Dawnview * Dellville * Marlands * Sunnyrock * Symhurst * Wychwood